X-Zelit is a dry cow treatment which allows for easy management of the transition period.

Scientifically proven, this highly effective product will significantly improve cow health and lifetime performance. It’s no surprise, X-Zelit is the fastest selling dry cow product in the world.

Straight foward dry cow managment

Scientifically Proven

Improved cow health and lifetime performance

Excellent Return on Investment

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easy to use

Easy to use

Mix it with your current feed or feed it straight to cows 2 weeks before calving and experience great results

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calculate savings

Calculate potential savings

On average our farmers have saved up to £90 per cow per year

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X-Zelit cow

Benefits of X-Zelit

X-Zelit helps prevent both clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia, safeguarding the health of your fresh dairy cows at calving.

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X-Zelit | A perfect calcium balance at calving

This short animation outlines why there is a need for a perfect calcium balance in calving dairy cows. It also discusses the relevance of subclinical hypocalcaemia or milk fever and how X-Zelit works to eradicate clinical and subclinical milk fever.